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How Monthly Photo Shoots Help Your Brand


I first worked with Darneisha, owner of Legacy Consulting Services LLC, for a personal branding session a few months back when she needed to jump start her presence on social media.

She was so happy after posting her new brand images and immediately gaining a new client that she doubled back around to begin a subscription (monthly photoshoots) with me.

If you’ve recently had a branding session and have a fresh collection of images to start off with like Darneisha did… you might wonder why you would start having monthly photo shoots right away.  The truth is, you’ll blaze through that collection of images quickly – using them for your “about me” section, website header, business cards, social media profile etc. and you’ll want a new look to speak to your audience for different reasons.

Darneisha’s first subscription session (not pictured in this post) out of her three monthly photo shoots with me, took place just after Thanksgiving as the Christmas holiday season began. She wore a red coat, black satin dress and fancy heels which gave the shoot a very festive, holiday, high end feel!

If she had relied on her original branding images to engage with her audience this time of year, the connection of the holiday season would be lost.  A great benefit of monthly photo shoots is that you can create a story of images based on the time of year and what you plan to talk to your audience about.

I love working with subscription clients because we always have the opportunity to create something different each time around!

If you’re interested in monthly photo shoots for your brand and you’re in the Palm Beach, FL area – reach out to me and let’s chat about the details of getting started!  If you’re not in the area, hit up a few photographers around your way to see if it’s something they offer.  Thank me later 🙂

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