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What is a Lifestyle Photo Shoot?

People often ask what a lifestyle photo shoot is and what the word “lifestyle” actually means. The answer is pretty simple!

Lifestyle photography or a lifestyle photo shoot is the art of capturing photos that portray real life in an aesthetically pleasing way. The primary goal is to tell stories about your everyday life and personality that will inspire people for different reasons.

This is important in branding work because often people buy into you as a person long before buying into what you’re selling – especially on social media!

lifestyle photo shoot
Personal Branding | Lifestyle session for The Memoirs of I (@thememoirsof_i)

A lifestyle photo shoot will allow you to create images that can be easily captioned in your true voice, in an authentic way.

A great way to prepare for a lifestyle photo shoot is by thinking about your routine. What do you do regularly? (i.e. grabbing coffee at your favorite spot, listening to a podcast on your phone, checking your apple watch to stay on track or simply writing in your journal).

These everyday things make for great photos and also give you something to talk with and relate to your audience about!

Interested in a lifestyle photoshoot?

My Subscription and Personal Branding sessions focus exclusively on lifestyle photos. A Business Branding session includes shooting lifestyle photos plus intentional imagery specific to your business!

Featured in this post: The Memoirs of I (website), @thememoirsof_i (Instagram).

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