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Trenia is Professional Matchmaker in Broward County, FL who transitioned into monthly sessions after having two brand photo shoots with me for her company Connectricty Match. For this session, we met at Delray Beach Market; a new and colorful food hall with lots of seating, lights and a chic outdoor patio space. 

LOOK ONE (above):

For Trenia’s first look, we captured classy personality shots.

You can see that we shot different facial expressions and body language that will help Trenia speak directly to her audience, with purpose, when she uses these images for social media.

Professional matchmaker personal branding session in Palm Beach Florida

LOOK TWO (above and below):

Trenia’s red blazer and white jeans outfit created a fun, fresh vibe for the second half of the shoot. In the top images, we focused on shooting in front of the colorful, hip bar because it speaks to her matchmaker brand (where potential clients might meet or go on dates).

Below, her fun and bossy CEO vibe shows that she’s approachable and super confident in what she does. Her bright smile draws you in!

When captioned properly, these images can translate directly into new inquiries and new clients. Whether you’re having your first brand shoot or a monthly session like Trenia, always consider the purpose of the images you’ll create and start thinking ahead of time about what you want to say to your audience when you share them.



If you’re interested in a personal branding session which gives you access to my monthly subscription service – submit a contact form and let’s chat about leveling up your brand!

Featured in this post: Trenia Norford, CEO @Connectricty (instagram). Website: www.connectricitymatch.com

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